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Cashier, shop affairs, membership,
promotion, payment, reporting, etc. at stores
Platform order management and fast contract performance,
fully supporting varied new scenarios and new retails
Less stock
for more businesses
Burgeon solutions - Less stock for more businesses
Omni Channel in one stock, the only one solution for large companies
Integrated Inventory Management
100x leverage ratio to maximize goods efficiency
Full Industry Retail Experience
Flexibly realize individualized requirements of enterprises
International Security Standard
Meet the security requirements of global retailers
Burgeon working with you to successfully run business
Providing All-around Resources and Services for Omni Channel Growth of the Brand
No Sales Opportunities to Miss Quick delivery from other stores on condition of lack of any model or size of goods
Receive orders online and deliver goods from outlets
Local Life, Increased Traffic of Stores Extension from stores to takeaway platforms
Issuing coupons online and confirming at stores
Distributing Operation, Ushering in Premium Fission of Business Unified brand image, standardized marketing at the outlets
Efficiently selecting products and placing orders, online searching goods data, and completing product selection, ordering an payment via mobile device
Quickly expanding franchisers, and achieving accurate and fast fission of wholesale business
Take WeCom, Dingtalk and Lark as Your Cloud Assistant Mobile approval for convenient and timely office work
Message push in varied forms
Convenient Project Execution without Data Island Interface platform easily connected to varied software systems
Providing Stable, Reliable and Safe Product Services
Leading Enterprises are All Using Burgeon Solutions

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